Our Clients

Curchod and Co LLP

Chartered surveyors face particular challenges in the way they operate, so they need an accountancy firm that fully understands their requirements and can advise accordingly.

That’s exactly the sort of specialist knowledge that TWP provides to Curchod& Co. TWP has acted as the Weybridge-based chartered surveyors’ accountants for over 30 years, and certainly before senior partner, Ian Oswin, started there. Such loyalty has been inspired by the “sound advice” provided over the years.

TWP takes care of the company’s audit and provides personal tax advice, as well as carrying out work for management clients. The accountants also advised Curchod& Co on restructuring the company.

“We transferred from a Partnership to an LLP,” explains Mr Oswin. “TWP gave us sound advice on the benefits to be gained from the new structure and guided us through the transition process.

“Now, two years down the line, they are keeping track of what is happening, which is proving their initial predictions were very good. The result has been very satisfactory financially, with substantial tax savings.”

Mr Oswin is happy to recommend TWP to both individuals and companies, as he feels the firm is “accessible” and “provides good advice”.