TWP Client Portal

Our “Portal” is a secure, online tool which allows us to exchange messages and files with our clients free of charge. Our portal address is:

The benefits of our client portal:

Document Storage

Important documents can be accessed by either you or us at any time.

Totally secure

For maximum security, all your messages and data will be encrypted using the highest available military grade encryption and secured using trusted SSL certification. Only you will know the password that you select for your logon.

Two way transfer

The portal allows both us and you to post and read messages and to upload and download files.

Single logon

Even if we advise you in a number of different capacities – for example, as a director of several companies and as a personal taxpayer – you only need a single logon to access all your files and messages on the client portal.


The portal makes electronic document approval simple: Review the document, tick a box and enter your personal password to approve it, ready for us to submit to the relevant authorities.

Because it offers so many advantages, we would like to encourage as many of our clients as possible to use the new portal. It will be our preferred way of exchanging documents, accounting records, tax returns etc. in the future, particularly in light of recent legislative changes which may prohibit the emailing of sensitive documents. If you would like anyone associated to you, for example family members, staff etc. to have access to your portal also then please let me know so that we can set them up.

We have absorbed the cost of associated with the portal in order to enable a good take up by clients. For those who do not use it, we may need to increase costs in the future due to rising costs of administration and postage.

In the meantime, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Beckie Talbot directly.