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Using the CGT Annual Exemption

This has always been worth considering towards the end of a tax year, but the potential tax savings are now substantial and careful planning can be highly effective.

Specifically, for a married couple or civil partnership it is worth up to £5,656 each tax year.  The exemption is £10,100 x 2 = £20,200 at a rate of 28% = £5,656.

If the exemption will not ordinarily be used by each spouse or partner, it is worth looking at creating disposals by 5 April 2011 subject of course to the costs involved. The asset sold can, if desired, be repurchased although there are special restrictions for quoted investments (even they can be avoided if the other party makes the repurchase).

Assets can be transferred between a married couple or civil partners without any CGT arising, and in that way the gains can be made by the right person so as to utilise 2 sets of the annual exemption.