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Supporting Business Start-Ups And Small & Medium Size Businesses

To help businesses in their earliest days, HMRC will further reduce the burdens in starting a business and personalise the online support it provides.

They aim to do the following, starting this year and in 2011:

  • personalise www.businesslink.gov.uk for those starting up in business and enhance online services for all SMEs, providing better access to relevant tax guidance and flexible tax payment plans to help businesses manage their cash flow
  • help start-ups and new employers by introducing a single interactive form to authorise tax agents and register for multiple taxes online
  • provide an online facility that reduces the need for businesses, or their agents, to provide the same information to HMRC multiple times and allows them a single online view of current tax liabilities or repayments due

We will certainly access all of the above for your benefit as and when available.

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