Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Our tax team provides a bespoke service that helps you meet your compliance obligations in a tax-efficient and timely manner, keeping you on the right side of HMRC while ensuring you pay no more than is absolutely necessary.

At TWP we will help you to assemble the information you need and then complete the tax return on your behalf. Leaving your tax matters to an experienced advisor will mean that you won’t need to worry about ever-changing tax rules or incurring penalties for incorrect or late tax returns.

Whether you have very straightforward tax affairs, or complexities such as capital gains, inheritance tax requirements, property portfolios and investments, our team has significant experience in these areas. We can also offer a ‘whole family’ service, for your spouse and/or family members.

As a matter of course, we will ensure all tax allowances and deductions are claimed, and we will apply our specialist tax knowledge to help you minimise or even mitigate fully any tax liability, now or in the future.

TWP uses HMRC-approved software to:

  • Complete your tax return
  • Calculate your tax liability
  • File the return online
  • Liaise with you on the amounts to be paid and when they are due

Also if your tax return is chosen for an enquiry by HMRC, we also offer a fee protection insurance which covers the costs of our professional fees.