Succession Planning

Having a clear plan on succession can help companies put the steps they need in place to ensure that the business is ready for any future transfer of ownership, whether that comes from a family member, trusted employee or externally from a third party.

To help you learn more about the options open to you and your business, our experienced team of advisors has put together a detailed guide on succession planning. Click here to download our guide to succession planning.

At TWP Accounting, we have assisted a wide range of businesses with their succession plans.

Helping them to assess the impact on their finances, acquire additional funding and consider the tax implication of passing on a business or shares.

Working with our many close partners, we can also help our clients look into the legal implications of succession and put steps in place to achieve a successful transition, whether it takes place over a single or several years.

To find out how our team of tax, business and accountancy advisers can help you put a successful succession plan in place, please contact us.