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Accountants Issue Alert on Wills

Surrey-based accountants TWP Accounting LLP is urging anyone considering making a will to seek the services of a qualified professional.

The warning comes following the launch of free, automated, internet-based will writing services, which involve the client completing a form online to generate a simple will. Although this will be checked by a solicitor, client and solicitor will not have personal contact unless the client’s circumstances fall outside the scope of the automated system.

TWP’s tax partner Mike Dawes says that personal contact with a professional adviser is crucial to drawing up a will, as it gives the adviser the opportunity to discuss their circumstances and estate in detail, ensure they understand all the issues involved and to advise them on options that are in their best interests.

Problems in wills drawn up without personal contact could also only become apparent on the client’s death.

Mike said: “Estate planning and the preparation of wills are specialist areas, which need to be carried out by skilled professionals. Issues such as inheritance tax can be extremely complex and the advice of a professional adviser, such as an accountant, can be vital to ensure that a will is as tax-efficient as possible.

“Although the prospect of a free will may sound tempting, a will is an extremely important document. Working with professional advisers is a wise investment, to ensure peace of mind that your estate will be distributed exactly as you wish, in a tax-efficient way.

“A professionally drafted will also means that your loved ones will be spared anxiety and stress in resolving issues caused where there is no will or a badly drafted one.”

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