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What do our Clients Say?

David Carter, Rock Financial Consultants

Dynamic and forward-thinking, professional but not stuffy: that’s David Carter’s verdict on TWP.

It’s a description that also suits the approach David has adopted during almost two decades in the financial services and mortgage advice sectors, the last ten as co-founder of London-based independent financial advisors Rock Financial Consultants.

David first came into contact with TWP’s Andrew Goddon some five years ago, through a mutual client, at a time when it was becoming clear that Rock had outgrown the company’s existing accountant.

“Our client had got into considerable difficulties with his tax affairs and we thought that if Andrew could deal with that, perhaps we should talk to him about our own tax and accountancy issues,” says David.

“It was a decision that has worked out extremely well. Since then, TWP have carried out a wide range of work for us, including business accounts, my personal tax returns, and my own and Rock’s property accounts.

“They have also helped us with restructuring the company, incorporating our main business, improving our margins and profits and managing our cost base. Their advice has helped to reduce a very heavy tax burden and because of their involvement, we have made many improvements to our operation.”

David is particularly pleased with the way Rock and TWP have “clicked” at both a professional and personal level – something he has not always found to be the case with other accountants and business advisors in the past. In fact, he says: “They are the first accountants I have dealt with where I actually enjoy meeting up with them!

“We have a superb working relationship, particularly with Andrew, who quickly became a good friend. His detailed tax knowledge is particularly valuable. He keeps up to date with all the changes in legislation and the opportunities these sometimes offer us.

“He also tells us if we’re heading in the wrong direction – with margins, for example – and helps us put plans together on how to turn it around. I trust him implicitly and feel very happy that he is on our team.

“We have also come to know all the TWP partners and get on with them very well. The rest of the team have provided accountancy services to many of our clients – cross-referral of clients has been mutually beneficial.”

David started his working life as a self-employed entrepreneur and his go-getting business philosophy has found an excellent match in TWP’s proactive, professional, yet unstuffy attitude. He sums up: “We are a perfect example of a successful, symbiotic relationship between two independent businesses.”