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Under the bed?

We’re regularly told by experts that we should manage a diverse portfolio of investments for our hard-earned cash, but with the interest rate still remaining incredibly low, some individuals are looking elsewhere for returns. And if you want your investment to come with some added ‘fun’ benefits, it may be worth looking at the alternative categories that are unregulated. These inevitably come with a health warning, as they are certainly higher risk, but property or property developments, unlisted business shares, art & fine wine are such categories, to name just a handful.

So, recognising that some clients have other requirements in order to fulfil their investment strategy, we have just launched our Investors Register, alongside The Corporate Finance Network. There are occasions when we have the chance to inform you about certain opportunities of a more unusual nature – perhaps property investment deals, or a company requiring business angel funding, for instance. And we would like to know what interests you have so that we can make those introductions as relevant to you as possible.

We have a short registration form for you to list your preferences, so please contact us if you require one to list yourself on our Investors Register. Your details will be kept completely confidential and will not be passed to any other third party.