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Training Grants To Help Boost Your Business

Every successful business needs to develop their staff to continuously improve.

But the costs can quickly add up and with budgets being cut during the recession it can prove difficult for businesses to keep up with training.

However, a funding grant from Business Link could help you to get your management staff trained to the level you need to keep your business thriving.

In recent weeks TWP Accounting has advised clients on applying for Business Link’s ‘Train to Gain’ scheme, which could allow successful firms to get anything up to £1,000 towards training their management staff to use accounting software.

Perhaps your office manager needs to brush up on the latest version of Sage, or maybe you want to streamline your business by getting your managers involved with the accounting side of things.

Business Link will visit your workplace to assess whether your business is suitable for funding and talk to you about your training needs.

Each application is treated on a case by case basis. If Business Link decides your company is suitable for a grant then the amount of money awarded will be dependent on what your company wants to achieve.

TWP Accounting offers standard and bespoke training on accounting software that suits your own business needs.

For more information on the Train to Gain scheme please visit:

For information and advice on our accounting software training, please contact 01932 704 700 or email