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Pay For Apprentices

From 1 August 2009 the minimum wage for apprentices increased from £80 to £95 per week.

The Low Pay Commission is to consider whether or not apprentice pay should come under the umbrella of the National Minimum Wage regulations. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has raised concerns about increasing the minimum wage level significantly. According to their press release, and in reaction to youth unemployment reaching its highest level since records began, Katja Hall, CBI Director of Employment Policy, said:

“The rising level of youth unemployment is alarming and we cannot afford to lose a generation of young people. Apprenticeships are an excellent path to employment but their availability would be constrained if a minimum wage was set too high.”

“Young people must not be priced out of apprenticeships in a difficult jobs market. If apprentices join the national minimum wage system they must do so at the right level and in a way that employers can understand.”

Internet link: Press release