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National Minimum Wage Rates

From October 2010, National Minimum Wage rates will increase from

  • £5.80 to £5.93 an hour for workers aged 21 and over
  • £4.83 to £4.92 an hour for workers aged 18 to 20
  • £3.57 to £3.64 an hour for workers aged 16 to 17.

The government has extended the adult minimum wage rate to 21 (previously 22) year-olds from October 2010 and, for the first time, an apprentice minimum wage rate has been set at £2.50 an hour.

The Low Pay Commission Chairman David Norgrove said:

“We are pleased that the government has again accepted the Commission’s recommendations. The introduction of an apprentice rate marks an important extension to minimum wage protection across the UK.”

Penalties for non compliance

From April 2009 HMRC are able to charge penalties to those employers found to be in breach of the NMW rules.

Automatic penalties are levied on employers where HMRC officers find NMW arrears. The penalties range from £100 to £5,000 with 50% prompt payment discounts for employers who settle within 14 days of notification.

The penalty is payable in addition to arrears owed to the workers.

In serious cases of non compliance the employer may be tried in a Crown Court and in those cases the fines are unlimited.

If you have any queries on the NMW please do get in touch.

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