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Make sure your employee information is correct

HMRC are reminding employers of the importance of correct employee information and have updated the questions on the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI). They have issued a number of questions and answers stressing the importance of correct details in the run up to the introduction of RTI in 2012/13.

According to the advice which has been issued:

‘It has always been important to make sure the information that you send HMRC about your employees is accurate to help ensure that your employees pay the correct Income Tax and NICs. Improving the accuracy of the information you hold and send to HMRC will help match the information to the correct HMRC record. This could save you money by helping to reduce the number of employee enquiries you receive.

This is not just important for tax and NICs. From October 2013, RTI will support Universal Credit by providing the Department for Work and Pensions with up to date information about claimants’ employment income. Ensuring your employee information is correct will help to ensure they receive the right amount of Credit.

As part of the process for an employer joining RTI, HMRC will align the records of employees held on the NPS system and the records held by employers. HMRC will publish more information about the ’employer alignment’ process soon.

In the meantime HMRC recommends that you start to prepare for RTI by checking the information you hold.’

Over 80% of matching problems experienced by HMRC are caused by incorrect information about an individual’s name, date of birth or National Insurance number.

Please use the following link to read the guidance on the correct format for information.

Internet link: HMRC RTI FAQs

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