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HSE Warning Not To Be Misled Over New Law Poster

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is warning businesses not to be misled into buying unnecessary and expensive copies of the health and safety law poster. Employers have a duty to display the poster prominently in the workplace or provide employees with a copy of the pocket card version. Both poster and card set out the employer’s and employees’ responsibilities.

Apparently there is some evidence of misleading promotions wrongly claiming that the old posters must be replaced immediately and that the new law poster should be displayed on every notice board within business premises. This is incorrect and employers could be led to believe that they are not meeting their legal requirements. Employers can check they have a genuine HSE law poster by checking the unique, serially numbered hologram on each poster.

Vinny Kenny, from HSE said:

“The information that is being sent out by some companies may be misleading under consumer protection legislation and we want to put a stop to it. If businesses receive any promotions relating to the Law poster or pocket card and are in any doubt about their authenticity they should contact HSE on 0845 945 0055 before parting with their money.”

The HSE launched updated versions of the health and safety law poster and pocket card in April 2009. The updated versions provide clearer information for workers about their right to have their health and safety properly protected.

Under HSE Information for Employees Regulations businesses have five years to switch to the new poster and pocket cards, so they must be replaced by 5 April 2014.  Employers displaying the old poster after 6 April 2009 must ensure it is legible and that the addresses of the enforcing authority and the employment medical advisory service are up to date.

The new law poster, pocket cards and Easy Read and Large Print formats can be ordered from HSE Books on: 01787 881165. The pocket card and Easy Read and Large Print formats can also be downloaded free of charge from the HSE web site.

Internet link: HSE guidance