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On returning to work in the New Year, many will be reaching for the travel brochures to plan their next holiday getaway. Now would be a good time to ensure that your employees’ (or your own) holiday entitlement has been correctly calculated, especially as many employees’ entitlement may need to be increased due to a change in the minimum holiday entitlement, which takes effect later this year.The current minimum statutory holiday entitlement is 4.8 weeks (24 days per annum for an employee working a normal 5 day week). This entitlement has applied since 1 October 2007 and is inclusive of Statutory Bank Holidays.

A further increase in entitlement from 4.8 weeks to 5.6 weeks (28 days per annum) applies from 1 April 2009.

Where the holiday year end is not 31 March, then employers must pro-rate the entitlement.

For example for an employee working a normal 5 day week with a year end of 31 December 2009 then their minimum holiday entitlement would be:

3 months x 4.8 weeks = 6
9 months x 5.6 weeks = 21

Total entitlement = 27 days

The Business Link website gives a link to enable an individual’s entitlement to be calculated. This is particularly helpful for part time employees.

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Business link holiday calculator and BERR website