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HMRC’s basic paye tools update

HMRC have released a new version of the Basic PAYE Tools which reflect the Budget 2012 changes. The May 2012 version allows employers access to the recent HMRC PAYE guidance. The latest version is

This new update is available to reflect the 2012 Budget changes and contains ‘a few small fixes and…… improvements’.

HMRC guidance states:

‘New users – should download the latest version by following the link in the section ‘Downloading Basic PAYE Tools’.

‘Existing users – If you already have the February 2012 version of Basic PAYE Tools installed, the May update will be available by automatic update. To check the version you are using, open the tools, select the ‘options’ icon and then the ‘Application Settings’ tab and see the section of this guide on ‘Using Basic PAYE Tools Automatic updates’ for advice on switching them on.’

Internet link: HMRC guidance and links

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