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HMRC PAYE Services Interruption

HMRC are advising taxpayers and employers that, as part of its ongoing plans “to improve customer service and efficiency”, they are in the process of changing the way they process PAYE records. In order to make all PAYE records available on one computer system they are undertaking a major IT upgrade.

They are advising that there will be temporary service interruptions from 12 June 2009 and that this may take some time as it will continue until “the new service is available to all trained staff and while we bring outstanding records up to date”. Apparently some parts of the PAYE service will be temporarily unavailable, as will the National Insurance Computer System.

HMRC have advised that although they will be able to provide general advice during this time they will not be able to answer specific queries relating to individual National Insurance records or recent PAYE changes. This may result in delays issuing refunds or new PAYE coding notices to individuals.

HMRC have advised that the Department for Work and Pensions will be similarly disrupted which may affect benefit claimants.

Internet link: HMRC computer upgrade