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HMRC Offer Advice on Fraud Emails

HMRC are reminding taxpayers to be vigilant as there have been several reports of scam emails.

Where taxpayers believe they may have been the victim of an email scam they should report the matter to their bank/card issuer as soon as possible. HMRC have previously advised that that those providing their details have had their accounts emptied and credit cards used to their limit. Victims are also at risk of having their personal details sold on to organised criminal gangs.

This is not the only area where HMRC are aware of a problem. Companies are being targeted by email for a National Insurance service. The email offers the service of applying for a rebate of National Insurance on the customer’s behalf, usually for a fee. These companies are not affiliated with HMRC in any way.

HMRC’s further advice is to:

Internet link: HMRC current security messages