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Employees Accrue Holiday Pay While on Sick Leave

The House of Lords has ruled in the case of Stringer v HMRC that workers who are refused holiday pay while on sick leave can make a claim to an employment tribunal for an unauthorised deduction from wages (under the Employment Rights Act 1996).

This decision follows the ruling in January, by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), that employees do accrue paid holiday for their entire sick leave, and must be allowed to take it on their return to work or be paid in lieu of their entitlement if their employment ends. The ECJ ruling did not comply with the UK’s existing Working Time Regulations, which require employees to use their four weeks statutory leave in the holiday year or lose it. The House of Lords has now ruled that the ECJ decision does indeed apply in the UK.

This is a complex area so please do get in touch if you need any clarification.

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