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Capital Allowances on Plant and Machinery

Additional capital allowances are to be available for expenditure incurred by a business in the 12 month period (starting 1 April 2009 for companies and 6 April 2009 for individuals and partnerships).

Most businesses have since April 2008 been able to claim the new Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) on the first £50,000 spent on most plant and machinery. Expenditure on qualifying plant and machinery not covered by the AIA will be eligible for a temporary first year allowance (FYA) of 40% instead of a 20% writing down allowance.

The temporary FYA will not apply for certain expenditure including integral features, cars, long life assets and assets for leasing. This additional allowance will be attractive to larger or plant intensive businesses where the AIA is insufficient, particularly groups of companies where one AIA has to be shared between all companies.

Internet link: HMRC budget note 4