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A New Angle on “Snail Mail” From paper to electronic!

The Swiss postal service now offers an electronic Post Box to customers wanting to receive their physical letters over the internet.
This system was first developed by the Seattle-based company Earth Class Mail, which has its own subscribers around the world.

‘Relevant mail’
For 14 Euros (£12) a month, letters are redirected to a secret location in Zurich where the envelopes are scanned and an image is e-mailed out to customers. They can then decide whether letters should be opened and scanned by vetted personnel sworn to secrecy, or simply shredded.

Internet power
The Swiss Post Box service is currently only available in Switzerland and Germany, with plans to expand to locations in France, Italy and Austria this year.
The service is tapping into the power of the internet which is replacing snail mail business with e-mails, documents in PDF files and downloads.

We wonder if this will work in Britain?

We can think that Expats would benefit and those working away from home, but maybe there will always be the need for the Postman as we do still love putting pen to paper!