How To Deal With Employee Weaknesses

Nobody is perfect but do your employees’ weaknesses actually stand in the way of your business being as productive and profitable as it could be?

By properly addressing your employees’ weaknesses, you make your business more adaptable and dynamic while increasing your overall productivity. In this article, the TWP team explain what issues might be facing your employees and what you can do to resolve them.

What kind of weaknesses can your employees have?

Weakness in staff and team performance assumes many different guises. Management consultants have found the following causes to be the most frequently-occurring problems that employers find when deploying their human resources:

Lack of teamwork

Cohesion between your staff members is vital to run a smooth operation. If your employees don’t work well together as a team, productivity will inevitably fall.

Even worse – your employees could be dealing with unresolved disputes and grievances in your workplace. This has the potential to grind your business to a halt if it isn’t resolved quickly and effectively. In the very worst case scenario, these disputes may even result in staff members leaving your firm.


An unmotivated workforce cannot be depended upon to produce results. If you cannot count on your employees to do what’s needed of them, the future of your business becomes a lot less clear, especially in rougher trading times.

There are a few reasons why your employees might feel unmotivated. They might feel as if they don’t have a long-term career in your business or they might have simply lost interest in working for you because there is not enough variety in the responsibilities of their role.


A lack of productivity can be the symptom of either:

  • Not having clearly defined goals for staff to aspire to achieve, or
  • Your company culture doesn’t recognise hard work.

You’ll notice that neither of these reasons are “your employees are just lazy”. That is rarely the case and. if your recruitment process is tight, you should be able to stop these people from finding employment within your business in the first place.

If you don’t have clear goals for your employees then, no matter how hard they work, it will still look to you like they are unproductive. It doesn’t matter how fast you go East when your target is to go North.

Secondly, you need to create a workplace culture which celebrates those who go the extra mile, but more on that later.

Skills gaps

Sometimes, your employees are unproductive because you aren’t providing them with the opportunities to develop their skills. Specialization is a key economic concept that encourages significant and accelerated growth in commercial productivity. If all of your employees are doing the same job with no variation, then you won’t be getting the most out of your workforce.

How can you resolve these issues?

There are several tactics that you can implement into your business to resolve any productivity problems you may be facing. Here are three of our favourite methods:

Reward your employees

When you reward your employees’ efforts, they become much more motivated to work harder, smarter, and better. One problem with productivity which many business owners face is that they don’t actually know what their workforce is capable of.

By creating targets and gradually raising them, you will be able to get a good grasp of what your workforce can achieve when they give it their all.

Complete teambuilding exercises

This can be challenging to get right. Corporate team building events can be “cheesy” and unmotivating for some staff members – not to mention that, implemented wrongly, it can make your higher management seem out-of-touch.

However, when done correctly, teambuilding exercises can help bring your employees together through shared fun experiences. This can be in the form of an outdoor activity centre visit, a team meal, or volunteering.

Train all of your staff equally

Training your staff equally doesn’t mean that they all get trained in the same things. Rather, you give each staff member the ability to specialise in the way they want. This means that each of your staff members will feel more valued in the team and their skills will be invaluable to the group as a whole.

We can help

Increasing your staff productivity and motivation may be the quickest way to make more money from what your company is doing without spending money on increasing team numbers. Contact TWP for help with everything to do with the financial aspects of keeping your business productive. To find out more, call us on 01932 887799 or email your accounting partner at

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